We can screen even the smallest tumour in blood!

Signatera™ - Early detection of tumour recurrence is now possible even earlier

With the Signatera™ test, we can detect the reappearance of tumour cells in the body up to years before imaging diagnostic methods. This revolutionary new method allows patients to know sooner whether their cancer treatment was successful or whether, unfortunately, they have had a recurrence.

A positive Signatera™ test detects tumour recurrence with over 98% certainty.

The Signatera™ test is highly sensitive. It is a personalised molecular residual tumour (MRT) test that uses circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) in the blood for analysis.

Unique molecular genetic testing from blood!

Accurate results for early detection of tumours!

It influences the further treatment of the tumour!

The Signatera™ test can be used for all somatic tumour types

Using the Signatera™ test, early detection of molecular residual tumours has become an effective tool for improving cancer treatment outcomes. The Signatera™ test is designed individually for each patient to help identify tumour recurrence well before standard imaging procedures.

World-class diagnostics

In clinical studies, the Signatera™ test has shown an outstandingly high result in all solid tumours.

How the Signatera™ test works

Learn how the Signatera™ test works

Get blood

All you need to do to perform the Signatera™ test and monitor your progress is to take a blood sample.

Vérvétel a Signatera teszthez
MRT test based on your own tissue sample

We use a personalised genetic test based on the patient’s unique tumour mutation pattern.

Detection of tumour DNA circulating in the blood

Accurate identification of ctDNA in the body can be used to determine whether cancer cells are present in the body, even after treatment.

Opinions of professors, biologists

Tumour diagnosis well before imaging!

A test with high sensitivity and specificity is needed to detect tumour recurrence before it becomes clinically symptomatic.

Signatera™ allows us to confidently identify patients with molecular relapse when the disease burden is so low that it cannot be detected by imaging. – Pusztai Lajos, MD, DPhil

„Signatera opens up new possibilities in the treatment of endocrine tumours. We will be able to judge much better whether tumours have been removed, how effective chemotherapy treatment is, and detect tumour recurrence much earlier.”

Regular free information

For those interested in testing, our geneticists regularly provide online information where patients can ask questions.

Find your nearest blood collection point

Blood sampling is available after prior consultation not only in Budapest, but also in rural towns. You can find out about our sampling locations here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Based on our experience, we have collected the most frequently asked questions about the Signatera™ test. Read the questions and answers here.

What is the difference between the Signatera™ test and tumour marker tests?

Tumour markers are biochemical substances selectively produced by tumour cells that can be detected in the blood or other body fluids. Tumour markers are not the most suitable for screening due to their sensitivity, they are only confirmatory in themselves, as their accuracy is much lower than the Signatera™ test. So what the Signatera™ test detects, tumour marker tests may not be able to detect.

Is NEAK funding available for the Signatera™ test?

Not yet available. A particular diagnostic test takes a long time to be accepted for funding. In such cases, individual applications are possible.

What tumour types can the test be used for?

The test can be performed in all solid tumours, regardless of stage. Simply put, a solid tumour is a tumour that does not originate from “blood cells”. It can be said that almost any tumour type other than haematological tumours fits the definition. Thus, there is a wide range where it can be applied.

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